TBurnsArts Weekly | BACK TO (a better) BLACK with Stuart Semple


Stuart Semple releases ‘a better BLACK’ and declares a colour amnesty with Anish Kapoor

BLACK v1.0 (beta) is the flattest, mattest, blackest art material on the planet – and it is available worldwide for £16.99 exclusively from www.culturehustle.com

Today British artist Stuart Semple announced his latest creation in the ongoing colour war with Anish Kapoor, releasing a beta-version of his ‘better’ BLACK – which as a coating creates a phenomenal ‘black hole’ effect, with results almost precisely those of the ‘world’s blackest black’ – VantaBlack.


TBurnsArts Weekly | March On, Strong Women


A week on from Trump’s inauguration and the global triumph of The Women’s March – which saw as many as 4,600,000 take to the streets worldwide – discussions continue to spark.

In the art world, can we hope for some positive shifts? With Maria Balshaw taking the helm of the Tate in June, making her the first female director of arguably the most heavyweight art institution in the country, can we see this as the start of things to come?



Martyrs & Matryoshkas went with a bang! Karina Akopyan’s first solo exhibition in London – on show until 18th December at The Truman Brewery – had onlookers in awe through the (increasingly steamed-up) glass frontage. Featuring painting, photography, sculpture, installations and a selection of costume pieces, the series is a bold questioning of tradition, religion, ritual, iconography, sexuality and fetishism – in all their jarring coexistence yet inevitable convergence.
“Fetish Art and Russian Culture Collide.”
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And now, on to the Russia’s national pastime: CHESS (not so much ‘fetish’, but definitely a bit sexy…these sets will get you excited). Our friends at Purling London have just unveiled three unique, hand-painted Art Chess sets by Sophie Matisse, available exclusively through www.purlinglondon.com


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Fellow Travellers


Image: Fellow Travellers (c) Liane Lang

Mounted by naked vandals and reduced to disembodied moustaches: artist Liane Lang explores how history reshapes the monuments of once-powerful leaders…..[READ FULL ARTICLE HERE]

Written for Libertine Magazine by Tani Burns, April 2015