T-Mo Bauer is a digital photographer whose arresting images – whether abstract, surreal or hyper-real – combine manual techniques at the decisive moment of shooting with digital experimentation, incorporating manipulations through Photoshop and self-programmed filters which ultimately create intricate and ethereal light paintings.

For his most recent exhibition, Bauer included works from fireworks, taken over the course of New Years Eve 2015 in the Austrian alps, exhibited alongside a selection of still life works created in his London studio. In each series – as with much of his wider oeuvre – there are elements which encourage the viewer to stop, have another look, and think about what it is that they are seeing.

The images are meant as a visual diversion, one which appeals in its other-worldliness and lulls the viewer into a moment where they forget that everything they see in the picture comes from within themselves, not from the ink on the paper, or from the artist’s intent.

“It’s about introspection. I know what each image symbolises to me but these works are not about what I feel. It is about the different response and interpretation elicited from each individual. One of my criteria for hanging a piece of art on my wall is that it needs to reflect back something different on different occasions because of the time of day – or most importantly my mood. Some pictures are better barometers than others.” T-Mo Bauer


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