For 17 years Piers Secunda has been making sculptures out of paint – developing many systems to use it as a sculptural medium. A compulsive risk-taker, Piers has moulded bullet holes in some of the most dangerous places in the world, from Afghanistan to the gang-controlled no-go neighbourhoods of Kingston, to record the textures created by geo-politics. Secunda’s latest projects have included casting the WWII shrapnel damage to two of Europe’s most loved institutions: the Pergamon Museum in Berlin and London’s V&A.

Piers Secunda is a Contemporary Artist living and working in London, UK. For the last seventeen years Secunda has developed an artistic practice around turning paint into sculptures, often making highly complex structures out of paint alone. Recent works have crude oil printed onto their surfaces or are textured with Taliban bullet holes, encouraging social and political conversations.

It is the combination of innovative techniques within a powerfully symbolic setting that sets Secunda’s practice apart. Having travelled extensively, Secunda’s work is steeped in forgotten histories and laced with geo-political references, ultimately producing work full of rich narratives – while pushing paint to its absolute limits.

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